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How to pass exams: The cool way. A short guide through personal development

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I am a passionate, optimistic, driven individual. I believe that the existing system and society’s “problems” push people to towards negativity so I have made it my life’s mission to shift our focus to the important things in life. Full-time husband to a beautiful wife and daddy to an amazing baby boy.

Ever since I remember I have always been the “odd” one out plainly due to my (sometimes) annoying optimism and positive outlook on things. This lead me to my current career path of Life & Financial Coach and empowering people since I believe that with a few simple ways, people can succeed at anything they put their mind to but most importantly improve their quality of life one step at a time.

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What is Self Development

Self development is consciously taking steps to make yourself better. For example by learning new skills, overcoming bad habits and breaking personal barriers.

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