“How to pass exams: The cool way. A short guide through personal development”!

Here is a sneak peek of what is included in my book:

….”In this short guide, I explain how with laser focus and other applied skills, during studying you can also enjoy a well-earned drink and live outside the social norm. To be a master of your own life.

The first thing to do is remind yourself that at the end of the day it’s your exams, your results, and your life; and no matter what people tell you, you alone have to live with the consequences. Therefore the first step is for you to realise that you are putting in effort studying only for yourself and for no one else.

In this book, I will tell you my secrets. What skills and what routines I developed during my intense 3-year course of the ACA. Skills I still use to this day. Whenever I’m preparing for a presentation, a sales pitch or giving a speech (and in many cases in my everyday life). The book is focused around exams but when you read each chapter and try out what is written for yourself, I am positive you can benefit in many areas of your life.

I only have one request from you. Please read with an open mind and use the tips I talk about only as you see fit. Knowledge on its own is useless. It is the application of knowledge which will take your life to the next level.

A couple of years ago, I went to a personal-development seminar. That is where I obtained some of the most valuable insights and advice in my life. But it is one of the simpler things that were taught which stuck with me until today.

Whether you are reading a book or attending a seminar always take 2 tips, pieces of advice, or techniques and start applying them immediately. With just 2 new applicable skills you can change the course of your life.


My short guide through personal development is available on Kindle and Amazon 🙂