I am a passionate, optimistic driven individual. I believe that the existing system and society’s “problems” push people to towards negativity so I have made it my life’s mission to shift our focus to the important things in life. Full-time husband to a beautiful wife and daddy to an amazing baby boy.


Ever since I remember I have always been the “odd” one out plainly due to my (sometimes) annoying optimism and positive outlook on things. This lead me to my current career path of Life & Financial Coaching and empowering people since I believe that with a few simple ways, people can succeed at anything they put their mind to but most importantly improve their quality of life one step at a time.


The purpose of a life coach is to explore the client’s thinking, determine the motives, skills and abilities as well as to establish limiting beliefs and patterns that get in the way of success, or keep the person unhappy or just stuck. Through a practical forward looking way the client gains clarity, motivation and starts to move in the right direction. In my belief a life coach is a mirror of the client’s current life situation. Therefore through empowering, directed and “Socratic questioning” the benefits for the direction of the client’s life can be enormous.


Financial coaching, which is my area of expertise, falls under the umbrella of life coaching but with a focus on the financial aspect of a clients life. Topics of interest such as career transition, performance, turning a hobby into a business, the perception of money, as well as overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your financial goals.


Certified Life & Financial Coach and Associate Chartered Accountant. Graduated from the University of Sheffield in Business Management. Coaching certificates were received by completing the Success Conversion Coaching Program for the Association for Coaching. I spent 5 years in a top 6 audit firm in Cyprus whilst working on various projects such as collaborating with the Central bank of Cyprus, appointed internal auditor and consultant for various clients. This led me to be exposed to various sources of information that I utilize in my unique coaching method. I also have 4 years of experience in the financial and investment industry in Cyprus.

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